If it's on your plate,it should be Superior.


Seafood comes into Superior Foods daily for processing and delivery to our customers. We hand cut and process Salmon under the Superior Foods Sustainable Harvest label, packed in our own SignalCase packaging. There are hundreds of other species that we provide to both our foodservice and retail customers. Our fish, as with other seafood such as shrimp, shellfish and crusaceans are ordered from quality suppliers that are committed to the environment and sustainability.

Fresh Farm Raised Trout Superior Production
Shrimp Raw Shellfish
Shrimp P&D Cooked Shellfish
Oysters Shellfish
Lobster Shellfish
Crab Shellfish
Live Lobsters Shellfish
Scallops Shellfish
Oysters Specialty Shellfish
Mussels Shellfish
Fresh Southern Species Superior Production
Fresh Smoked Fish Production Superior Production
Fresh Pacific Species Superior Production
Fresh Great Lakes Species Superior Production
Fresh Wild Salmon Superior Production
Fresh Farm Raised Salmon Superior Production
Fresh East Coast Species Superior Production

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