Fresh Salmon Market Update 7 – 14

Author: Marvale Jones

Date: July 14, 2017



Alaska Sockeye Salmon are currently at the peak of their season with landings much higher than forecasted for the 2017 season. Bristol Bay has been producing fish fast that processors can keep up, resulting in some marginal quality fish being sold at below market prices. Prince William Sound/Cook Inlet area has also been landing large numbers of high quality fish with many truckloads of fish shipping out to cover ads with Large Retail chain ads. Most vendors feel that next week will be the bottom of the market on fresh and these major runs start to taper off and Coho Salmon start to show up in place of Sockeye.

Coho Salmon: Are just starting to show, and landings are expected to increase over the next 4-6 weeks. Forecast for the 2017 Coho harvest if for similar landings as 2016.

Chum Salmon: Number are down this year, with a short burst of fish followed by very limited harvested the past 2 weeks. There are some high quality Yukon and Arctic Chums available, but these fish command a price closer to Sockeye due to the quality of the fish and logistics involved in bringing these fish to market.

King Salmon: As forecasted have been extremely short this season and prices have remained very firm all season. No change is foreseen in additional fish or price relief on these fish this year. There is a run of King Salmon just starting up on the Columbia River that should produce fish for the next 2-3 weeks or until the quota has been caught.


Pacific/Alaska Halibut: Supply has been pretty good this year, following a pretty typical harvest pattern with landings being somewhat limited during the peak of Salmon season. Atlantic Halibut landing have also been good, which has allowed the overall price on Fresh Halibut to hold fairly stable this season. We haven’t seen wild price swings this years as we have in years past.


Production in Chile has finally seemed to have caught back up after being short all Spring. Much of this has to do with the Wild Salmon season and many large Retailers moving into ads on wild caught salmon instead of farmed product. Pricing is on a downward trend and is expected to stay that way until Wild season runs its course.


Tends to follow Chile’s lead when it comes to setting their pricing, thought they are a bit slower to bring prices down. We have seen their prices come off just a bit the past month.

Tends to follow Norway as far as their Market pricing goes. We did experience a decent price reduction this month and prices are expected to hold at the current level into Fall.

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