Feeling Crabby? *NEW* Oysters

Author: Erika Eckley

Date: September 6, 2018

Asian Crab Meat: Pelagicus spp. (Blue Swimming Crab)

US prices have started to show signs of stabilizing over the last couple of weeks after a short period of declining prices.  Indonesia’s production has slowed as well as the season normal for the country, however the slower landings are putting pressure on costs to move up again.  The market remains fairly unpredictable, as the current cost pressure from production is not allowing for prices to move down further, and production is not out-pacing demand.  However, Red Swimming Crab will begin arriving to the US in October, which may further soften the market at that time by adding additional supply to the market.  But, it should be noted that Red Swimming Crab from China may potentially be impacted by a 10% to 25% tariff which could go into effect after September 6, which could cause Red Swimming Crab to become more expensive as well.

Imported Soft Shell Crabs:

The Imported Soft Shell Crab supply from overseas has been more limited in recent months.  While the past couple of months should be the high season for soft shell crab production, higher mortality patterns in the molting ponds have resulted in lower than expected supply.  The higher mortality levels are due to unusual weather patterns causing excessive stress on the crabs while they are in the molting ponds.  This has created a shortage of raw material and higher costs on current production.  Supply is expected to further tighten as production enters its seasonally low time of year.  Primes, Hotels, and Mediums are the more plentiful grades available at this time, however larger crabs have not been as available in recent months.

Domestic Soft Shell Crabs

The fresh Domestic Soft Shell Crab season continues to wind down, and will continue to slow until the end of September.  Both Chilled Dressed Soft Crabs and Live Soft Crabs will continue to be available until October, though will continue to tighten in availability as the season progresses.  Prime and Hotel sizes are the more readily available sizes this season.

Frozen inventory remains available on all grades, however the larger sized crabs may become limited in supply through the winter.  Please contact me for updated pricing and availability.  We are currently offering pallet deals on IQF Mediums and Hotels.

East Coast Oysters (North Carolina, Chesapeake Bay, Delaware):

Supply on fresh East Coast Oysters has become more limited as the weather has warmed and fishermen have been limited to landing their harvests by 11am each day.  As the weather cools moving into September, the supply constraints will be alleviated.  Frozen Half Shell and Frozen Whole Oyster inventories are available.

Offering a new frozen whole oyster in our line-up,  available now!  The whole oysters resolve the short shelf life of fresh and are easier to shuck, as well as performing better than half shell oysters on quality.  As the fresh whole oysters become more limited in the summer months and meats become thinner as the oysters enter the spawning season, the whole frozen oysters will be an excellent alternative for any operation.

Gulf Coast Oysters (Louisiana/Texas):

The Gulf Coast supply has remained stable over recent weeks.  Gulf Coast oyster supply has been limited in recent years, however signs are positive that the newer age classes will produce better results.  We may start to see improved supply after the 2018 summer, with continuing gradual improvements into 2019.  While costs on Gulf Coast oysters have also moved higher recently due to the tighter supply conditions, we do not expect any supply disruptions through the remainder of the summer.

Fish – Xtreme Frozen:

The Mexican Grouper fishery has been producing regularly, and shipments should continue to come in through the end of the year.  Octopus season has opened, which has diverted fishermen’s effort from catching Grouper to catching Octopus, and started to limit Grouper supply to some extent.  This has caused fish costs on the larger, portion producing, fish sizes to move up on more recent production.  Inventories on portions will be in good positions moving forward, however fillets have been in higher demand and will be in much more limited supply.

Gulf of Mexico Product – Wild Caught, Hand Cut, individually packed portions and frozen at -40⁰F to preserve freshness. Inventory available upon request.

Key Advantages to Xtreme Frozen:
  • Xtreme freezing results in superior quality to standard freezing & delivers that “Just Caught Taste”.
  • Xtreme freezing locks in quality that does not deteriorate as in fresh.
  • Xtreme freezing prevents dehydration and moisture loss when thawed without using chemicals or preservatives.


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