Beef and Pork Update

Author: Erika Eckley

Date: August 13, 2018

Week of August 13th:


Overall, all loin cuts have ticked lower in price this week, expect this trend to continue into next week before leveling off.
  • Strips: Strip prices remain lower as supplies are plentiful. This week the market has lowered on Choice as demand is struggling to keep up with supply. Expect prices to level off at this lowered cost for a while.
  • Short Loins: Markets were steady, to slightly lower on Choice and No Roll. Last week prices have lowered on all grades. Expect prices to drop slightly again this week.
  • Top Butts: Top Butt prices were softer on all grades with Select Top Butts being the weakest grade. This week prices have moved lower again on all grades as demand remains soft.
  • Ball Tips: Prices moved higher again this week as demand is higher than the supply available. Expect this trend to continue.
  • Tri-Tips: Prices moved lower this week sharply, Tri Tips continue to be a great value.
  • Tenderloins: Prices were mostly steady last week with only some slight prices discounts. This week prices remain soft, I expect this to continue into next week.


Prices this week have increased, as I expect this trend to continue into the next couple weeks.
  • Ribeyes: Prices remained strong to higher last week on all Choice Ribeyes due to tight supplies and strong seasonal demand. Expect prices to remain strong into next week as supplies tighten up.
  • BI Ribeyes and 109 Ribs- Markets were sharply higher on Choice and higher on Select. This week prices continue to work higher on Choice and Select Ribs. This trend is expected to continue into next week, as well.


Prices are steady to slightly higher on the round complex, with Select remaining higher than Choice.
  • Insides: Prices held mostly steady last week with prices trying to move slightly higher toward the end of the week. This week expect prices to remain steady.
  • Flats: Prices moved slightly lower to steady. Expect this trend to continue.
  • Eyes: Eyes prices were slightly lower last week as demand was soft and supplies increasing. This week prices have trended lower as well. Expect prices to remain under pressure next week due to seasonally slow demand and ample supplies.
  • Peeled Knuckles: Peeled Knuckles prices ended last week lower due to slow demand. Expect prices to remain under pressure next week as well due to soft seasonal demand.


Prices remained steady on Chuck Rolls and Shoulder Clods, Chuck Tenders. Teres Major has softened a bit. All Thin meats held mostly steady last week with the exception of Briskets which moved slightly higher again this week.
  • Chuck Rolls: Chuck Rolls prices remained steady to end last week due to stronger retail and export demand. This week prices continue to hold strong with price’s slightly higher.
  • Clods: Markets ended last week steady to firm due to good demand from processors. This week prices have held about steady. Expect steady prices into next week.
  • Chuck Tenders: Prices ended last week mostly steady to slightly lower. This week prices have worked slightly lower once again due to growing supplies and weak demand.
  • Teres Major: Prices moved slightly lower last week. This week prices are up slightly.


  • Loins: Bone-in Loin prices, as well as boneless loins moved steady last week due to lower demand.
  • Butts: Butt pricing has held steady, as this is the overall trend for all pork cut outs. Packers are loaded with bellies, expect to see prices soften up again this week.
  • Ribs: Spareribs and back rib pricing has held steady this week.
  • Trim: Pricing has increased due to processors gearing up for the holiday, BRATS!!!
  • Picnics: and Cushion meat remain steady.

Thin Meats and Grinds:

  • Flanks: Flank prices last week moved sharply higher, and this week they are holding steady to last week’s higher pricing.
  • Flap Meat: Flap Meat prices held mostly steady last week. This week prices are mostly steady although some weakness may develop to move product again this week.
  • Briskets: Brisket prices moved slightly higher this week. Expect to see this trend continue, as pricing has been weak.
  • Skirt Meat: All skirt prices were mostly steady to slightly lower last week. Expect lower prices into next week as increasing supplies and slower demand will help to keep the price down.
  • Special Trim, Blade Meat and Pectoral Meat: Prices were steady to slightly higher due to heavy demand and low supply. This week prices have continued this trend.
  • Grinds: Ground beef pricing has increased slightly this week, I would expect another small change for next week as well.

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