Weekly Produce Update 6 – 5

Author: Marvale Jones

Date: June 6, 2017


Apples/Pears: Michigan apples are winding down. Quality remains good, but varieties continue to fall off. Varieties still available include Braeburns, Jonagolds, Macintosh, Fuji and Red Delicious. The markets are strong as demand for quality Michigan apples is good.

Berries: Strawberry market is mostly stable. Fruit has been excellent. We expect fruit to continue that way as the weather has been nice. We anticipate adequate supplies and quality should be very good.

Raspberries/Blackberries/Blueberries: Raspberries remain in short supply and the market is strong. The blackberry market has rebound with plentiful supplies and good quality. Blueberries are available from multiple areas at the moment including California/ Mississippi, North Carolina and a few from Georgia. Quality has been excellent on the California fruit. We have seen smaller sized fruit from Mississippi and North Carolina.

Citrus: We have transitioned to western grapefruit. The navel orange season Is rapidly coming to a close. We expect to transition to Valencia oranges the week after next (week starting June 12th). Lemons have reached critical stage. Supplies will be extremely limited for the next 10-14 days. The issue is not the availability of fruit, but the fruit is not coloring up. Prices continue to climb.

Grapes/Stone Fruit: The Mexican grape deal has finally kicked in with some volume. We are seeing adequate supplies on both red seedless and green seedless. Prices have some off to promotable levels. The red seedless are Flame seedless while the green seedless varieties include Perlettes/ Early Sweets/ and Sugarones.

New crop California stone fruit has started. We have had availability on early peaches, nectarines, red plums, apricots, and cherries this week as well. Sizing continues to be on the smaller side of the spectrum, but as fruit matures, we should see sizing get better as well.

Melons: We have finished with offshore cantaloupe and honeydew. We are now pulling out of Arizona as well as the Brawley/El Centro area of California. Quality has been reported as very nice. The Athena cantaloupe from Florida are here again this week. Sizing of the fruit continues to get better. We are seeing more availability of bigger fruit.

Watermelon: Our main source of supply is Florida. Look for the market to weaken slightly after the Memorial Day holiday. Demand has been light to this point due to cool weather.



Avocados: Unprecedented demand continues to keep the avocado market strong. Supplies remain light.

Kiwi: Kiwi supplies remain tight as Chile has lightened the quantities they are shipping to keep the markets firm.

Mangos: Multiple producing countries have the market somewhat depressed. Plenty of supplies on most sizes.

Bananas: Organic banana supplies are tight and will continue to be for some time yet. Production shortages in Ecuador due to fungus (sigatoka), in Peru (flooding) and poor weather in the Dominican Republic have impacted the supply. Expect relief by mid June.


Lettuce: Romaine, Leaf lettuces quality as is good as we have seen in months prices are steady.

Head Lettuce: Quality is improving supplies are good as demand has dropped off some.

Broccoli: Supplies are meeting demand price should stay level with crowns rising slightly, Quality is very nice with few reported problems.

Celery: Market is tight in Oxnard cost is coming down slightly for next weeks arrivals, Salinas will not start until mid June. Michigan will not start until mid to late June as well.

Mexican Tomatoes: Still in good supply market beginning to tighten as we getting closer to the end of season prices rising.

Florida Gas Green Tomatoes: Very tight and prices fell back some for next week. Mexico is finishing up and Florida is moving from south to northern production areas.

Zucchini and Yellow Squash: Both SE. and Mexican are available. Zucchini will be Mexican/SE. and yellow will be SE. Cucumbers from Mexico are winding down and SE. will be primary growing area moving forward.

Brussel Sprouts: Have declining quality as well as heavy insect pressure. Expect tight supplies through June.


TOV’s and Beef Tomatoes: Market is trending down as warm weather is helping production along.

Seedless Cucumbers: Now is the time to promote.

Potatoes: The size profile of Idaho potatoes currently being packed from storage continues to be smaller. Sizes 40 Ct.—70 Ct. continue to be in short supply and continue to rise in price. The best values are in 90 Ct. and 100 Ct. and retail bags. Local (Michigan) potato supplies continue to wind down. Russet supply will last to likely mid June. Local whites are finished. New crop California long whites both retail A’s and B’s are in stock.

Onions: Sourcing from Mexico, TX, CA, AZ, and NM now. Quality and sizing is good. Look for pricing to start to increase as the Mex and TX supplies start to dwindle.

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