Weekly Produce Update 5-1

Author: Marvale Jones

Date: May 4, 2017


Apples/Pears: We still have decent supplies of Michigan apples. Some varieties are starting to dwindle such as Braeburns and even Ida Red. We still have supplies of Mac’s/Gala/ Red Delicious/Gold Delicious/Fuji/Jonagold. The markets are good as demand for Quality Michigan apples is strong.

Berries: Increased production and less demand after the Easter holiday has weakened the market. Even with rain in the Salinas growing area, production in Oxnard and Santa Maria is more than adequate to supply demand. The market is down and quality looks to have improved as well.

Raspberries/Blackberries/Blueberries: Raspberries remain in short supply and the market is strong. Blackberries have become very tight as well due to post holiday harvesting as well as some quality issues in Mexico. Blueberries are going strong in Florida and even a few Georgia. Quality is very nice. We will have mostly the 12/6 Oz. containers, but may also get a few pints this week as well.

Citrus: Texas grapefruit is now done for the season. We have transitioned to western grapefruit. Quality appears good at this point. The navel orange market seems to be just a bit stronger. Look for this to continue over the next couple of weeks as we start to wind down on the navel crop. Quality remains good/ very good. Lemons are continuing their annual push to higher levels as demand starts to increase with the weather change and storage supplies are being managed to extend the crop.

Grapes/Stone Fruit: Look for new crop grapes to start shipping from Mexico as early as the first few days of May. These would be primarily Perlettes. Chilean green grapes are showing their age. Quality is fair at best with the markets at extreme highs. With that said, we have discontinued the Chilean Green grapes and handling just the red seedless, black seedless, and red globes for quality reasons. New crop California stone fruit is right around the corner. We should see availability on early peaches and apricots and possibly cherries by the second week of May—possibly sooner if weather in California remains warm.


We should have offshore cantaloupe and honeydew into at least mid May. Quality has been very nice. Look for the cantaloupe market to get a little stronger over the next couple of weeks as we finish the season. We are expecting a few Athena Cantaloupe from Florida next week. sizing is mostly small yet, but we hope to have some 120 Ct. bin. Carton Athena melons should also be available as more shippers get going.

Watermelon: Mexico is still the primary source of supply as growers in Florida are struggling to get started due to cooler weather which has prevented fruit from maturing.




Avocados: With the Easter holiday, harvesting was limited forcing the market higher. Supplies are tight and the market continues to push higher.

Pineapple: Market remains firm following the holiday pull. Supplies are adequate.

Mangos: Multiple producing countries have the market somewhat depressed. Plenty of supplies on most sizes.


Lettuces: Romaine, Leaf lettuces supply is increasing , market correction continues.

Head lettuce: Production is still light but improving weather conditions should ease the current gap late next week.

Broccoli: Supplies and Quality good market is coming back down.

Carrots: Stable.

Celery: Quality is improving market is tight Oxnard growing area Salinas to start in June.

Mexican Tomatoes: Still in good supply market beginning to tighten as we getting closer to the end of season.

Zuchini and yellow squash: Both SE and Mexican available we will stay with Mexican as long as possible.


TOV’s and Beef tomatoes: Coming on strong now the time to promote.

Colored Pepper: Some greening and supply plentiful good time to sell peppers.

Seedless Cucumbers: Time to promote is now.

Salads: Both Dole and Fresh Express continue to experience raw material shortages, expect shortages / prorates.
Fresh Express will be suspending production of 5 SKU’s until May 15th. #49023, #56093, #56139, #56137, #56106.

Potatoes: Pricing on counts continues to creep higher, retail packs continue to be a good buy.

Onions: The north west storage crop is close to being done, as the Mexican crop is also winding down. Texas crop has had a smaller yield due to wet growing conditions resulting in some quality issues, and California is just starting to bring crop to market. This has caused the demand to exceed supply and has pushed prices higher on jumbo and larger yellow and white onions. Vidalia’s are now available, quality is good, pricing is steady currently.

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