Fresh Fish Market Update 7 – 13

Author: Marvale Jones

Date: July 14, 2017



Availability has been good coming out of the Holiday. Large and Market have been sharing the spotlight. Prices down yet firm. Haddock spotty with small being available, prices holding in the low to mid 5’s off the Market. Flats coming in strong, seeing good assortment, i.e. Dabs, Greys, Yellowtail and B.B.
Flukes good availability, prices holding high. Monk & Skate in good supply with pricing at good levels. As long as weather cooperates fishing will stay strong and prices remain steady. Ocean Perch continues be plentiful, no shortfalls expected, prices haven’t changed since early part of the year.


Mexico Grouper (Red/Black), availability has been sporadic so far this year with larger sizes being somewhat difficult to secure, 8 – 16 Oz. fillets have been most reliable for ads and foodservice menu options. Expecting larger catches going into late summer/early fall with no outages until next year’s moratorium. Domestic Grouper showing good options, but at the higher cost when yielding to fillet. Mahi still all over the board as to pricing, back into the $6 – 7 range for Headless/Gutless 10 Up. fish, currently we have opted for 3 – 10 Lbs. fish at 4-mid 5 dollar range holding fillet price at a reasonable level. If we see a “normal” year we should expect prices and availability to become more reasonable in mid too late October. Snapper catches have increased and species availability is on the rise: American Reds, Silks, Lanes, Caribbean, Yellowtail, Muttons, Greys, Mangroves and Hogs have begun to appear. Expecting this to be the trend over the next few months and costs extremely favorable.


Both have seen strong pricing over the past month with not much relief until the Canadian & Domestic run up the Northeast Coast strengthens as we get into late summer/early fall. Currently the Bluefins are being caught by rod/reel and harpoon off the New England coast. We are seeing very good availability and decent pricing. Imports have been in good supply and fair pricing, but, will soon see a glut and prices fall as the Domestic/Canadian run begins in a few weeks. We continue see the fluctuations both in availability and price throughout the moon phase and holidays creating the largest fluctuations in the import market. Both Bigeye and Yellowfin have been carrying the same cost and continue to be offered under the term Tuna, no distinction is made, unless requested by customer.


Harrietta Hills Trout: Michigan Grown, is in good supply and production continues to rise, pricing has been stable and forecast for Ads and Menus has seen increase in growth.

Arctic Char (Iceland): In good supply, pricing has held since the increase in May, with no projected forecast for additional hikes.

Ocean Raised Striped Bass: Consistent & supply strong, continue to grow this “Sashimi” quality product; flies in off the west coast in Gilled and Gutless form.

Bronzini/Dorade: Stable & good supply, preorders are recommended.

Hybrid Striped Bass: Good on price/availability, has not experienced market changes for 6 months or better.


Clams: Cherry, Tops, Counts Little, etc , “weather permitting”, very good availability, pricing stable.

Virginia Oysters: Have been in good availability, pricing and no changes on the horizon.

Mussels: Remain consistent and with the more temperate temps, “losses” have remained minimal due to the heat.

Lobsters: Currently in the “hardshell” time of year with “new shell (A grade) starting in the next couple of weeks. Costs through the 4th Holiday we saw prices spike by as much as $1.50/Lb., may see a little relief over the next 2 weeks as “new Shell” enter the market. All sizes have had good availability, but, will see 2 Lb. Up tighten as the “shed” begins August(mid too late).

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